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    Question Hosting essential scripts

    I want to start up my own shared and reseller hosting business and say bye to my manager.

    What are the essential scripts for shared and reseller hosting business? i.e private label, ssl, cpanel, directadmin, .... etc
    Is it better to hire dedicated server?

    Other than ds and software, where should I pay attention to?

    Any professional can give me your professional opinions?

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    first it depends what you plan on hosting, and second it depends on how many people who plan on setting up.

    for a standard hosting company i would recommend getting your own dedicated server, you can get a very decent one for around $100 a month.

    as for making it a hosting reseller, you should probably use a packaged hosting software which will take care of setting up everything for you such as Plesk, Hsphere or Helm (all very good in my opinion).

    if this is your first time being an administrator, then instead of going the way of dedicated server, i would go to another company and buy a reseller account. an example company which does this is MatrixReseller. it's much cheaper to start (i think their base plan starts at $35 a month) and you get a much larger pick of server types and services so you can try it all out and see what you would like later to start configuring for yourself on your own computers.

    hope this helps.

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    I'll give a small rundown on the essentials to starting a hosting company

    Obviously ,you'll need a control panel.


    I haven't had a lot of experience with the rest, but cpanel/WHM allows the ability to setup shared clients and private label reseller clients(the latter assumes you are on a dedicated server). If you are just starting out, I wouldn't suggest hosting resellers. It would be much more wise to start hosting shared clients with a reseller hosting company.

    Billing manager


    support ticket system

    live chat system

    ad tracking script

    Obviously many more options, but that should give a start. : Web Hosting Is What We Do!

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