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Age of site (months): 1

Avg. monthly revenue: 0
Haven't even put ads out yet for advertising. But the site has the ability to advertise via the banner spaces and you can modify the auctual bible player to run a sponsor ad for a nice amount due to most people come to the site for the bible player.

Revenue details:
None, I created this site, advertised it for a month and now Im letting it go for my main project which is soon to be released.

Avg. monthly pageviews: NA

Traffic details:
Traffic Pic Below

Advertising Methods:
Posting info about the site on many other related sites
Link exchange with many other related directories
Teamed up with a traffic company and purchased related traffic (campaign still running)

I have gotten back alot of positive feedback about the site and last month we had over 220 bookmark the site. With continued advertising and campaigning this site can bring in alot of traffic.

Im currently accepting offers on this site. I created it and now have another huge site that Ive been working on and I feel I do not have the time or resource to fully dedicate to this anymore.

AudioBibleOnline.Net is a site for people to come to and listen / study the bible with our custom audio bible. Everything on is custom created. No turn key scripts, all home grown code.

A full featured audio bible player that can play all the books and chapters from the bible (King James)
Has a custom built forum (prayer center) where visitor can come and insert their prayers, concerns, testimonies and so forth. And then have other visitors submit their concerns/thoughts to it.
Also has a complete administration panel to control all the aspects of the site. (Sponsor Ads, Text Sponsors, Deleting prayers, Deleting responses and so forth)

The audio bible utilizes bible mp3's that are completely legal to use. You DO NOT though have the right to resale the audio files for profit, but you can give them out freely. The buyer of this will recieve all files and contact information.

If your intrested in this, there are some requirements.

1.) It's created in .NET (C#). So you will need to have a windows host to host it.
2.) You will need either some sql database space or a MS SQL server. Even though right now its running from a access Database for demoing, the .dll for the site was created to utilize sqlclient
3.) You will need plenty of HD space. The audio alone is over a gig. So make sure you have plenty of space (Dedicate Server if possible.

Whats Included In The Sale:
Domain: AudioBibleOnline.Net
The Visual Studio Project for the audiobibleonline site
The Visual Studio Project for the audiobibleonline .dll
The Flash Files used to create the audio bible player
All graphic (work and production) files
All XML files needed to run site and player

Right now I accepting offers on the this site package. I have no BIN price in mind now. Once the offers start coming in, I will then decided a BIN price. Im running out this weekend, but I will be online though to answer any questions and so forth. I plan on letting this run for a few days. So if your looking for a site that you know will generate alot of traffic, here it is.

Accepting Offers Starting at $1000

Is an auction? Not really, not yet anyway