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    DollarWebHosting.Biz - No One There?!

    I've tried countless times to contact them through email, over there forum, and over the phone on there 1800 number and get no response.

    There continually on AIM and usually have an Away message up saying to call there 800 number which only leads to a voicemail. When they aren't away on AIM they NEVER answer your IM.

    I have a domain hosted with them but I no longer get traffic and wish to just cancel the hosting but I can't!

    They keep charging my credit card each month for the hosting, be it it's not much but still, and there is no way for it to stop.

    Anyone know what to do? They don't have a local phone number listed in there whois and I don't know what to do. I've been trying to get a hold of them for over a month and a half now.

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    According to their website:

    2.1 - Customer may terminate this Agreement for convenience at any time giving written notice. In the event of such termination, Customer will not be responsible for any additional fees.

    They are kind of hazy as to what sort of written notice they require...but I would send an email terminating the account and follow it up with a written letter and a phone call. If I did not recieve any response after that I would either cancel the credit card, or inform the credit card company that you do not authorize them to charge your card again.

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    You can defintely call your credit card company and ask for a termination. Works all the time for me

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    Would terminating the card and reinstating a new one affect my credit rating? Couldn't DollarWebHosting also send collections on me if I did that?

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    You dont need to cancel your card, just phone up your credit card company and explain the situation they will be a lot better at dealing with the situation that you will be when you are panic'ing about your credit rating and debt collectors.

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    Why would the OP be panicking over their credit rating and debt collectors?

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    The OP asked if canceling his credit card and applying for a new one would affect his credit rating.. It seems pretty obvious why he would be worried, because he wouldn't want it to negatively affect his credit.

    Why would he be worried about a debt collection? Because that can and will affect your credit rating.

    It didn't seem so much as a *panic*. It seemed more like a concern. If I was thinking of doing something that could possibly affect my credit, I would probably ask others advice as well.

    If you read everyone's post, his post about credit rating and a debt collection makes perfect sense.
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    Contact your credit card company and ask them to block payments from them. Explain to them that the web host has failed to respond to your cancellation requests several times and will not stop charging your credit card.

    One they are unable to charge your credit card, they should cancel your account without you having to ask them

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    Originally posted by WN-Ali

    One they are unable to charge your credit card, they should cancel your account without you having to ask them
    That is exactly what I was about to suggest too. Yes, they would have to cancel it. It seems like with some server, you sign up but there are no way to cancel.

    Make sure you have your domain name already transfer to a different website. Make sure, you change the passwod to your domain name. They might steal your domain name and change the password until you come back.

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    I highly doubt DollarWebHosting.Biz would take their time and money to send you to collection. With a domain name like a .biz it is a very high probability they are a fly-by-night host. Call your credit card company and tell them you did not authorize the charge.
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