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    Guys I Neeeeeed Hellllp

    guys i have a server that host a big website,
    my problem is that the server is working 100% and the load is more than fine , but when i try to open the websites ,it doesn't open, but i can open it using the ip
    This is the error i resive when i open the webpage :
    The page cannot be displayed
    The page you are looking for might have been removed or had its name changed.


    Please try the following:

    Open the home page, and then look for links to the information you want.

    If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly.

    If you still cannot open the page, click the Internet Explorer
    Search button to look for similar sites.

    Internet Explorer
    can you help me guys >??


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    Are you sure you have the nameservers pointed properly at your registrar?

    Are you sure you properly set up this domain's account?

    What control panel are you using?

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    i am usnig cpanel and the problem is the domain is working in some countries and not working in others

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    how can i make sure i have the nameservers pointed properly at my registrar

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    1) The DNSes are not yet refreshed - in case the domain name is newly registered
    2) Check the BIND configuration, you may oversighted some part
    for the Zone /DNS records on the server
    3) If you have free dedicated IPs, bind one to the A record of the domain name and check again....

    I hope you`ll figure this out.

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    Hi arny
    this is the domain :
    and this is the ip:
    i don't think there is a problem with the domain , i hope you can help me to check itt

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    I cannot open it
    No worries.

    I believe that is using those DNSes

    They don`t seem to exist.

    1) They exist but are newly registered (they are still propagating)

    2) They are not registered

    Your solution :

    1) Wait until they propagate

    2) Register the DNSes

    This could be done from the palce where you have registered .
    The option should be "register a name server" .

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    This opens... but it is a blank Cpanel page.
    If you wish to open the actual site I believe that you should
    where 'username' is the username of the account.

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    these are the only options i have in my control panel for the domain

    Renew Domain
    URL Forwarding
    Hidden Whois
    Edit Contacts
    Account Transfer
    Edit Name Servers
    DNS Management
    Email Services
    Web Hosting
    Customize Your Parking Page
    Register a Name Server
    Modify a Name Server

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    " Register a Name Server " is the option that you need.
    You`ll have to use two IP addresses for each DNS.
    Use the IP addresses given to you by the dedicated server provider
    in order to register :

    Remeber to add them as zone records ( Edit a DNS zone ) from your WHM.

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    i resive this massage when i register the name server:
    This will register a name server for your domain name with the registry. You must have the IP address of the DNS server you are registering.

    Do not use this service to add name servers to your domain. Instead use the "Edit Name Servers" option.

    We were unable to register the name server

    is that mean evrything is going ok?

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    No, that means there was a problem in registering the nameserver. Did you fill in the IP address of your server in the appropriate place on the nameserver registration screen?

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    No, this means that you did not use the proper IP address.
    You have use two IP addresses to do this like / /
    (just an example)

    For the correct IP addresses refer to the guys from whom you have the Dedicated Server, or from whom you have the reseller account

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    i have only one ip which is with the server
    i wish you have any kind of massanger to add you Arny if you can please tell me what you have and i will add you .

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    Running multiple reports on your ns1 is giving sporadic results, sometimes it says no A records, other times it gives the records.

    I would think that maybe the DNS has not propagated fully yet.

    Looks like the only TLD name server which has your info is:


    the others (tld1, tld2, tld3, etc) are reporting no A records.

    You just have to wait for it to be propagated to the other tld servers

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