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    Well, Im a bit stuck currently, I have design ideas for sites that I really want to put to life (Photoshop) but the only issue is that tutorials dont really allow me to learn what I want to, books havent been of much help either, most I've found are either on actual editing of photos or dont show enough of the little details that I want to do, I have very little actual photoshop experience, I've spent hours messing with it, but just recently I've got some great ideas for templates I want to design, if anyone can provide any suggestions or how I should go about learning, that would be great.

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    It's not an easy process. You pretty much have to put the time into it. A good start would be to Google it .

    Personally, I hate PS. For web design, I much prefer Macromedia Fireworks. Much more user friendly, shorter learning curve.

    Good luck.

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    Maybe you can draw out the design with all the details you want and send them to a professional designer to get it replicated? Just a thought.

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    It's true you'll mainly find tutorials based on manipulating photos, It is called 'Photoshop'. For control over shapes and pattern you may find something like Illustrator or freehand more you're style.

    Yet photoshop you can do alot, just learn the techniques and there's not much you cannot do.

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    Have you checked your local College? Our College here in town offers a web developer certificate which contains two photoshop courses. These courses are available as individual night courses and the prof I had taught us how to create interfaces, creative headers, etc, etc... stuff you can actually use.

    Give them a call, it's worth a shot.

    As for my preference, I love Photoshop (just hate upgrading it $$$).

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