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    UK/Europe dedi server reccomendation needed.

    Hi there!
    I may be in need of moving to a dedicated server sometime soon, and Im in need of good reccomendations.

    Currently got my eye on, as they seem to have good prices for what they offer (much better than most UK based companies).
    What is their reputation like?
    Reliable and good customer service?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Try 1&1 UK - we have one server here without any issues for 9 months already

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    Rackcheck hosts out of germany, does it not?

    If you're looking for UK based hosting, check out . We've been with them for a couple weeks now, and it's been SOLID. Their network has been so nice, no packet loss, downtime, spikes, etc . Supports been nice and fast, and Neil from sales is a great guy to deal with

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    Rackcheck are based in a datacentre in germany.
    I would avoid if possible as their customer support isnt the best.

    For cheap UK servers you could try ive seen some pretty good reviews on them.

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    Try from what i have heard they are quite reliable and their support seems good.

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