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    Connection Speed questions

    What is the difference between a 10mb and 100mb?

    for example: downloading a 100meg file.. how many secs?

    for example: uploading a 100meg file.. how many secs?

    Which port are server connect at LiquidWeb?
    I download the test file from the site. it's above 250kbs average. which is fast. Does this mean if I get a server from them. My server would proferm the same?

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    The uploads and downloads speed may differ.

    Should think it would run in to many minutes rather than seconds to upload a file of such size.

    Theres a big difference between a 250kbs file and a 100MB, theres around 1024KB in 1MB.

    If you rent a server from them, then it may downlaod faster as there servers will distribute alot of traffic amongst users whilst to start of with, yours will not bring in alot of visitors.
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