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    Question Regarding Googlebot and .asp

    Hey I am just posting a quick query about a website I am partly responsible for,

    The only code on the main page is..

    <frameset rows="100%">
    <frame src="/education/index.asp" scrolling="auto" noresize>

    Now googlebot should follow the link to the rest of the rest of the site, as it has done on other sites with similar code.

    MSN has indexed the site correctly and so have other bots, but googlebot seems to only use the front page.

    How can I improve this, so I get indexed correctly as the no page rank is killing us and we are working hard on inbound links. Is the best bet to create a site map and submit that page to google again?

    Thanks in advance

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    Use the noframes tag to redirect googlebot to a page that has a sitemap. That should help.
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    Thank alot I will change that right away and hope it works

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