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    Arrow Newbie want your advice

    I have no experience with webhosting. I am thinking about buliding a site. It would need at least 30 GB bandwidth per month , 1-3 Gb space at the begining and a decent control panel and have a message broad , membership system and shopping cart. I have done a little research and overwhelmed by so much information and don't know what to trust.

    My questions are:

    1. I am looking for a webhosting company and decide to choose one before starting to bulid my site because some companies provide site builders and templates. I want a big and reliable company. I also take their dedicated hosting services into my considerations since I might upgrade my site in the future.

    Here are the plans I am considering. All are 1 year contract.

    host rocket

    a New York company founded in 1999

    $7.95/mo 1 Gb space bandwidth 50 Gb /mo 1 domain per account pre-installed scripts c-panel
    Their services are a bit more expensive than others'. I can't get why all their dedicated hosting are sold out as they don't even provide control panel to dedicated hosting users and the price is not low.


    founded in 1997

    $9.95/mo 2400 Mb space bandwidth 120 Gb /mo 3 domains 15 sub-domains no custom DNS (What is it?) no pre-installed scripts c-panel


    a Texas company started providing webhosting services in 2001

    $6.95/mo 1000 Mb space bandwidth 40 Gb /mo 6 domains unlimited sub-domains provide site builder pre-installed scripts c-panel the only one provides e-commence tool (Is that important?)
    Their dedicated hosting are priced relatively high. (almost double) Why?

    Which of them suit my need the most? Any other recommendations?

    2. I just have very little knowledge about Frontpage. I don't even know what sub-domains, database, DNS, php ,asp, perl , CGI and SQL are and how to write scripts.

    What should I know before buliding a site? Any recommendable site providing technical information to newbies? Any good site similar to hotscripts .com ?

    3. I need a membership system to authorize members to download certain files in a certain period of time. No other function is needed. What do I need to bulid such system? A software ? Scripts? Control panel? Please tell me the most cost-effective way to do this.

    4. I want a message broad so that visitors can send private message to me and they have to activate their messages by email in a certain period of time before I see them. What do I need to build a message broad like this?

    5. I need a shopping cart. Do I need a expensive software like miva? Anyone using paypal's shopping cart ? Is it good?

    6. Please list all tools I need. Do I really need frontpage or dreamweaver if my webhosting provider provides site builder ?

    7. If you finished all site contents such as texts, files and templates to upload but haven't bulit a page of your site, would you pay for webhosting service before starting to bulid it ? Why?

    I know my post is too long. Thank you for your patience.

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    1) Read reviews, look at posts in this forum etc... Hopefully they will give you a general idea of who to choose.

    2) Look for tutorials, or really no need for programming knowledge. In this day and age you can get software that do exactly what you want. There are open source content management systems out there such as PHPNUKE, or MAMBO. I personally feel comfortable with PHP/MYSQL, but everyone has different tastes.

    3) Again some content management systems do this, just like PHP NUKE.

    4) Look into PHPBB or IpB or even Vbulletin. All of them are powerful software.

    5) The same answer as above but different software. Look into software such as OSCommerce. Do a google search on 'PHP Open Source Shopping Cart'. All of them generally are based on the paypals API.

    6) Dreamweaver is recommended but costs alot of money. Frontpage is good for beginners. It again is a powerful tool which allows you to also connect to your FTP.

    7) Well, purchasing hosting first for your needs is recommended. Reason is because you need to test the software. But, in the other hand you can get software which you can test on your pc such as EasyPHP, which sets up a sort of mini server. It has phpmyadmin etc... ready for you to test out your scripts.

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    What would you be putting in 1-3GB of space? Thats an enormous amount of space.

    You might find a more stable host if you lowered your numbers for bandwidth and diskspace in the pricing range you are looking... just a tip from years and years of doing this.

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    My first piece of advice for you is to stay away from yearly contracts. In today's market of here-today-gone-tomorrow web hosts, you never know when either a business goes under or you become dissatisfied.
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    I personally wouldn't consider any of those three "here today gone tomorrow" hosts, afterall they would have dissappeared a few years ago instead.


    Personally I'd recommend going with Hostrocket, they have a great team over there handling everything: top notch company and pricing is good as well.
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    I shouldn't think you would need 30GB Bandwidth when starting up... thats alot of visitors.
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    I recently purchased Dream Weaver and I think it was worth every last penny you should try it out a free download is availible on the macromedia website

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    Out of the hosts you listed, DreamHost has been very efficient for several people I know.

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    IMHO, dreamhost sux, Host Rocket I can vouch for.
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    iv never used either of the 3 companies listed but iv heard many good and bad comments of micfo and dreamhost.

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    I am personally using both DreamHost and MicFo, and I have very good experiences with both.
    As for bandwidth; I really doubt you would need as much as 30GB/month from the start.
    As for shopping carts I know Micfo give you a couple of those with all accounts.
    As for Site Builder... I think I tested that for fun... and it sucks IMHO. But that's just me.
    DreamWeaver is an excellent html editor, but costs $$. You can find much cheaper software to start with if that's an issue.
    As for building site first, then getting hosting: fine if you have static pages; but if you have PHP or ASP I recommend getting hosting first.
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