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    MySQL vs MS Access

    i have just started out with a reseller account on Hostgator.
    So far it aint been a problem with the account running on Linux. However a friend of mine wants me to host his site but requires it running ASP and MS Access DB.
    I am not very hot on Programming languages so am in need of a bit of advice.

    1. If i add Chillisoft ASP to my account via Cpanel will that work and provide the same functionality that he is used to under the MS ASP equivalent?

    2. How hard, or what is the process for changing to MySQL and PHP from MS Access etc.

    Sorry if some of this doesn't make sense but as said previous i ain't no language man.

    any help would be appreciated to help me get him up and running on my host


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    I have Apache::ASP running on both my webserver, and my local server. It does provide some ASP functionality, but not standard ASP. A lot of the variable and function coding is different as it is a Perl module.

    As with the MS Access to MySQL, you can get programs that do this for you. I have one called MyDbConverter that will take an MS Access database, and transform it into a MySQL database.

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    Basically you need to advise your friend to get a Windows-based hosting account. Chilisoft ASP is not 100% real ASP and also won't give you MSAccess (which is Windows-only).

    If it's a trivial site you could convert it to PHP+MySQL but I doubt it'd be worth the few $$ saved over just using a Windows account.
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