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    Question Server Preparation for Datacentre

    I've now got my 2u dual-Opteron server, and I'm almost ready to colocate.

    But I've firstly got to put on some software. Centos is the Linux version I'm planning to install, which shouldn't be too difficult. I'm then thinking that the best way forward would be to install a control panel (which will include Apache, PHP, MySQL and SSL capabilities).

    What is the minimum amount of software I should install on my machine before placing it in the datacentre? I.E. - what do I need to install on the box so that I can continue the installation and setup remotely? I just want to get it installed ASAP then work, at my leisure, on the server remotely.

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    Although I'm not familiar with Centos, most linux will let you do practically anything via an SSH connection, you can install packages and do about everything remotely.

    If you are interested you may want to install webmin, which lets you manage many things of the server's modules:

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