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    .htaccess problem

    i have a domain with a couple of add on domains that are seperate unrelated websites.

    i put an .htaccess file in the first addon like this:

    DirectoryIndex index2.htm

    and the page redirects fine to the first addon domain.

    my problem is if i put an .htaccess file in the second addon domain folder the server takes no notice and i get a page like:

    Index of /
    Name Last modified Size Description
    Parent Directory 02-Jul-2005 12:57 -
    start.htm 28-Jun-2005 09:23 6k

    does anyone have any ideas please.

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    I would first: check permissions, check apache logs.
    No other ideas, for now.

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    It is also possible that the add-on domain was somehow added to httpd.conf without the AllowOveride All directive. This would disable anything you tried to accomplish through .htaccess.

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    thanks guys.
    I checked the apache logs and resolved the problem from there.

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