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    Thumbs down Warning: Stay away from Stomata Commons

    Some of you might know Adrianet Corp. They used to provide cheap hosting that was reliable and feature rich. Recently the company changed hands and is now known as Stomata Commons.

    Do not, under any circumstances, give this company your money.

    Here's what is happening to me right now. My domain and hosting came up for renewal at the same time the company changed hands. Fine, so I expected a delay in renewing. What happened was a lot more than a minor delay. My domain, which is used for a company I own, expired and was not auto-renewed as the agreement stated. I used the online support system and started a problem ticket, setting it to High Priority. It is after all a company domain and it was completely down. The online support, btw, is the only way to contact the company. No phone number or email is listed on the site.

    I opened the High Priority ticket 16 days ago. And so far NOTHING HAS HAPPENED.

    Furthermore, the owner of Stomata Commons, Brian Larter, has made himself completely unavailable. He gives his ICQ, AIM, MSN, Y! handles, but is never logged on to any of them.

    It gets worse.

    I decided to take over the domain name myself. I created an account at and asked them to send a push confirmation to Mr Larter at Stomata Commons. The domain is locked so I can't transfer it without his OK. So far Enom has sent two push confirmations to the domain registrants contact and nothing has happened.

    The one communication I received from Mr Larter said that he has been having email problems due to changing offices. He is running an IT company, allegedly. How can he not have internet access at both locations to make the transition possible? What owner of a hosting company would even consider not having email over a mobile device? How can he possibly deal with urgent outages if this is how he runs his company?

    This is the most incompetent and least professional behaviour I have ever come across. He has me completely over a barrel because until he chooses to respond there is nothing I can do about this.

    Stay away Stomata Commons.
    Do not give Mr Larter your money or your trust.
    He will only scr$w you the way he is scr$w$ng me.

    James Holiday-Scott
    Kip McGrath Crowborough
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    I know this is old but have spent much time on the net defending my small company from this individual

    just as a note James Holiday scott has never been nor I suspect ever be a customer of stomata commons. He was a customer of a small company we had purchased but we never received any information about him.

    either way I wish james the best of luck in the future.
    Brian Larter

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrlarter
    I know this is old
    At least you didn't revive a 3 year old thread like some people around here have
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    yeah I was just gonna leave it since its pretty old but I have been having customers asking about these posts. Hes posted them on every forum he can find.

    what can a buisness do to protect them selves against this sort of thing? anyone can just come along and post the one post that bashes someone. this individual isn't even a contributer to the site.
    Brian Larter

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    And this is the only post he's ever made on this forum...
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