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    Question GoDaddy Hosting Question

    Hey guys!

    Well I am a bit new to making a website, so please be patient, but I have a question.

    I built a FrontPage web site that uses ASP and an Access database to make a searchable online database. I am running IIS on my local machine and the site works fine. I can search, etc with no problems.

    However when I upload it to GoDaddy and try to search, I get the following error:
    Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80004005'

    Unspecified error

    /searchtry.asp, line 50

    I have emailed GoDaddy about this several times and they only respond with a form letter "We cannot help you with coding problems" even though I made it clear it works on my own server so it doesn't seem to be a coding problem.

    Is this a problem with Godaddy's server or could it be incorrect code? On the Godaddy site I have FrontPage extensions enabled and I uploaded via http.

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    Do you need to activate ASP on their control panel?

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    No, there is no option to do so and nothing mentioned in the help files.

    Also, the database actually worked for about an hour. I could search from the uploaded GoDaddy site. I reuploaded the database a few times as I added revisions, but I didn't change any of the actual code. Shortly after I uploaded the database the 4th or 5th time, it stopped working.

    Coincedence? I don't know.

    I have tried deleting all the files off the webserver and reuploading them... still the same problem.

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    If you are using the standard ASP and not ASP.NET, be sure to include your file in the same dir as your code.

    If you still have a problem, post the code and i'll take a look.
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    Most of the time this is a permissions problem. The web server user account needs to have read/write permission to the .mdb file. Anyone experienced with ASP/Access hosting should be able to diagnose this problem. GoDaddy should be able to change the permission to the .mdb file. If they can't diagnose the problem themself maybe you should tell them what to do and ask directly to change the permission of the .mdb file to be writable/readable by the browser.

    I also see that you state that it happened after reuploading your Access database. This error can happen if someone (or you) loaded your web site while you were uploading the database. It happens some time, I do not really remember what causes that (because under some configurations it will not happen). It looks like it corrupts the application's memoery space. If I am not wrong, the only way to fix this is to stop/start the IIS server or to reset your application memory space in IIS. Once again, you need GoDaddy to do that.
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    1 Word ... "don't"

    As in, don't host with them. They are great at domains, not hosting. Plenty of postings on this forum, and these are my thoughts

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