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    Question Stargate - Anyone else having problems with its new system?


    Longtime lurker, first time poster.

    I'm wondering if anyone else is having problems with Stargate's new system/control-panel?

    *For now*, I don't want too write much, because I want to give them a shot at fixing the problem I'm having.

    What I will write is that last week, they "migrated" domains to their new system/control-panel. From their site, it was supposed to have been completed by June 29, but it doesn't seem to have migrated one of my domains, which is causing a problem for me trying to renew it.

    I submitted a support ticket about 6-7 hours, but haven't gotten a reply to it yet... so I just wanted to come here and see if anyone else has had the same problem with the migration of domains.

    I didn't mind their old system, so this is pretty annoying and frustrating.

    Do they have any grace period at all on expirations? I remember last year, they had (I think) a 1 day period, but from their new deletion policy, it sounds like they may have a zero-day grace period now.
    (I saw some threads about their grace period by doing a search, but they seem to have made changes in the past few months, so I'm wondering if anyone has recent info/experience)


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    I have a few domains with them. I just got the email receipt for domains registered months ago.

    My domains didn't show up in their control panel for a long time...scary!

    Also a different password is assigned to each domain, a real pain and I hope I can consolidate it into one control panel once they complete the migration.


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    Welcome to the forum, gammawave

    Hmmm... I have not looked at Stargate for a while.

    It looks to me like they are now using Directi's LogicBoxes / OrderBox system. Anybody know?
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