Wanted: Quality Graphic and Flash Designers

If interested please send message via AOL IM: Tep57

AOL IM is a free tool you can dl from aol.com you dont have to be a member of AOL to use AOL Im free.

1. Flash Designers - min 2 years experience - I am looking for high quality header flash vector graphics 750 x 200 for forums websites directories etc... no larger than 100k, will pay max $20 to 25. These will be for different topics and themes. I paid $25 for this: searchengineforum.org (the flash header)

Look at these sites for example of what Im looking for:

www.edenhost.com, www.bocas.org, www.1st-amendment.net, www.centralinsurancetrust.com, www.businesscentertrust.com

notice the flash header?

these are sites which have 750 x 200 or 750 x 100 flash headers.

2. Graphic Designers - $5 each - nothing extravagent. Examples of logos I paid $5 for: www.webdesignerforum.org, www.thephpforum.net

these are $5 logos. Inortherwords Easy and SIMPLE.

size = 750 x 200 or 750 x 100

3. Writers - FAQ, article writers etc... $5 per article, 1 - 5 page minimum.

4. SEO - increase link popularity - Web site marketers. Will pay 25 cents to 1$ for every link back you can get to my customers sites. I need SEO help on several sites as well. $5 for PR6, $1 PR5, 50 cents for PR4, anything less than PR4 is 25 cents.

5. Populate Directories - with links, tutorials, articles etc... see www.snuka.com as an example. 10 cents per submission.

do not PM (Do not private message) contact me on AOL IM: tep57

payment is done only after job is completed and is by paypal only.

Make sure you re-read this post 3x, if you contact me asking me a question which I clearly answered here, I am blocking you. i dont have time for games. I have a mountain of clients who want work and want quality, NOT rushing, but quality, they dont have time for flakes and posers.