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    Arrow Free Order Form + Support Client?

    Hey guys,
    Was wondering what are some good free support clients (tickets). And a good order form, I love the one rshosting uses.. do you have to pay for these?

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    Most you have to pay for considering the large amount of time invested by the developers.

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    The one rshosting is using are both paid scripts, clientexec for client management and kayako esupport for support.

    You will find some free ones, but most of them you will have to buy a license.

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    There lot free ones there check you can find all of them.
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    Most will agree that although the free options are great, development may take longer or be delayed, as opposed to the paid scripts with a constant team. - Shared and Reseller Hosting Solutions on cPanel/WHM Linux Servers - Discount ModernBill Licenses, Hosted Installations, and Professional Services
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    Can someone please provide me with a list of the free options? And/or links?

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    Do a search.

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    Originally posted by R0xy
    Do a search.
    That sure does help... don't you think I've tried that before I posted a reply?

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