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    SEO Help/Consulting

    For only $25 a website I will personally provide you with the information to help your website rank higher in the search engines. I will also provide unlimited support via email.

    First I will submit your website to over 60 top search engines and provide a full submission status report for each one.

    Second I will make you a complete keyword analysis report on a competitorís website (a top ranking site for they keywords your after). This helps you attain the ideal keyword density, prominence and keyword count to achieve high search engine ranking without being penalized for over optimizing your web pages. With my help you will discover hidden high ranking keywords for your website from your competitor's websites. I will analyze 24 sections of your competitorís website including internal links and anchor text. I will also include a list of keywords that will get you the most traffic.

    Third I will make you a current ranking report, this will show exactly where your website currently ranks for a list of keywords you should provide me.

    Last and most valuable, I will make you a Top Ranking Report. I will measure your web pages against competing web sites and show you EXACTLY what your competitors are doing to rank well. Your site vs. the competition on a keyword based comparison of visible and non visible on-site elements. This will show you the techniques used by competitors to get top ranking pages on search engines. This will also include important keywords statistics measured including keyword count, density, prominence and character count. I will make you an easy to understand report showing exactly what the competition is doing to rank well so you can too!

    I usually don't offer SEO help so Iím only accepting a limited number of websites for SEO help.

    Please provide me with:
    Your Website URL:

    Desired Keywords (up to 25):


    Along with a $25 paypal payment to [email protected]

    I will be able to provide you with the information within 5 days. Once you have received my SEO help information I will provide you with unlimited support by email on SEO related questions and advice. I have three years of experience and enjoy many high rankings, let me share my knowledge with you!

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    could you at least provide me with initial information? the sites such as mortgages i will be starting im trying t oget a team of people

    seo is going tobe very big for this

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