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    Javascript Replay

    I was wondering if there is any way to replay a .gif animation using javascript without having to load the gif again.



  2. One of the advantages of .gif images is the ability to make them 'loop' what program are you using to make the image?

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    Hi, thanks for your reply. I know they can loop, i'm using imageready to make it. I just want to replay an image ONLY if a certain javascript event ocures.

    Is there any way to do this?

    Thanks again.


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    i dont think there is, you could just reload the image:
    if(eventoccurs) {
    this retypes its src url and so refreshes the image live but not the page its a very odd request you could just use flash

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    Thanks for your reply, I'll try that.

    I can't use flash cause i need the image as a background, i can't use flash as such.

    Thanks again.


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    you can use flash ever heard of fscommand?

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