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    Nintendo DS Site - $105/month - PR5 - Great Google Ranking


    Age of site (months): 6

    Monthly revenue: $105

    Revenue details:
    $40 in June from Adsense
    $15 in June from Azoogle
    $20/month from selling banner space (468 banner spot)
    $30/month from selling 3 textlinks (site is PR5, with several PR4 subpages so finding buyers is easy on forums like DigitalPoint and Webhosting Forum)

    Adsense screenshots available through PM.

    Monthly traffic: 400+ daily visitors -- The screenshot is from the month of June. We're ranked on the 2nd page of google for "Nintendo DS" and we're ranked on the first page of MSN for "Nintendo DS".

    Site takes up 35mb in space (database included) and uses less than 3 gb of bandwidth per month.

    Description: is a Nintendo DS news and commentary site. It is managed through the free CMS, Mambo.

    You will get:
    - the domain (transfered on GoDaddy)
    - exclusive rights to all content on the website
    - custom site design
    - access to the Ad Server which holds the current/past advertisers for the site

    The final bidder will pay through Paypal where I'm verified.

    Upon payment I will change the Adsense pub-ids so you can start generating cash right away. I will also move the entire website for you to your new server (you need to give me your cPanel and FTP information).

    I am selling the site because I'm working a full-time corporate job now and I'm trying to get my Xbox 360 Forum off the ground so I need the cash!

    Generating Content:

    There are 3 writers (other than myself) that create content. They're Nintendo DS fans who write news stories, reviews, and previews. I also scan a couple prominent Nintendo DS sites (will provide them to you) once every couple of days and write on anything that I find interesting myself.

    Starting Price: -- open for your bids --

    Buy Now Price: $1,000

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    None of the links on the site work, they all get 404.

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    I am interested,but also am getting the 404 errors on all links.
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    Sorry guys, I forgot to change a setting in mambo when I moved the site. It's been fixed now! PM Me with your bids if you're interested, highest bidder right now is at $300.

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    Hi there,

    I get many php errors when i load your site.

    I would also like adsense verification screenshots

    $320 bid after verification.


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