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    Need programmers for updated site!

    Ok I run a small site of and I do various small sites and layouts and some graphics work on the side and as a freelance job. But I plan to do a redesign of the site and not only for the site but of the whole company, I have enough expierence now to expand to full sites and larger customers. What I need is a good progammer or a few with great knowledge of the field to effectively reach every customer for every request that they might have. I also plan to maybe breach into the video editing field for the site because of my knowledge of Adobe Premiere and AE along with a friend of mine but thats a different story.

    If anyone is interested in making a big leap as a succesful webdesign site reach me at the following.

    AIM - t2bmedia (Most effective way of reaching me)
    MSN - [email protected]
    E-Mail - [email protected]

    or PM me.

    Thanks, Andrew. - Professional Web & Graphic Design.

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    This is paid job?

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    Bump, anyone interested aim me at t2bmedia. - Professional Web & Graphic Design.

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