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    Legal help regarding a domain :)

    I'm just interested to know if there is anything you can do if a user registers your domain and then adds "sucks" on the end? I read a while ago you can't.

    I'm having problems with a user (Stephen barnes) you may know of him? He is banned here. Well it's come to my attention he owns, what's the purpose in him having that domain? This is the same user who owns I believe as well.

    Anything that can be done? People like that shouldn't be allowed the Internet.

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    it falls under "free speech". you might be able to get him for trademark infringement if your domain is trademarked.
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    As anon-e-mouse's signature says: Do not feed the trolls. This person thrives on the attention he gets from pulling stunts like that. The best thing you can do is simply ignore him. Not having that domain isn't going to harm you in any way.
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    Yeah... who really is going to notice or care? It sounds idiotic and immature and anyone that does notice is likely to think the same thing.

    You have two choices: ignore him until he behaves or use Jojo's naughty step.

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    It is not like anyone is going to find that link and link it back to you anyway. When I got to the first site in your post, my attention shift...I just took out the word sucks so that I could see if it is anyway in related to your site. I doubt anyone have the time to read that site either...the only word I was able to pick out was 'native american' before my attention shift away from that site.
    Don't worry about it. He is just a trouble maker. If he have the money and time to waste into creating domain name with the ending 'sucks'...let him waste his money as long as he doesn't touch your.

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    I dont think it is hurting anyone, just as long as he doesnt say stuff about you're site... Or linking... course http://f**
    Hasnt been sued yet lol but may come to future because of using the microsoft style... i think they too are in copyright violation...

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    yup definitely sound like an immature user to me

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    If you can bad, it would only be fair to ban
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    Except it is their business I think they can run it as see fit not how it's "only fair"

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    Pretty much impossible to keep someone from setting up a site. Look at

    Some people are just vindictive, spiteful, jealous. So it's bound to happen.

    BTW, I registered [my-main-site-in-my-profile] just so someone else would not...

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    speaking of copyrights
    your logo looks a hell of a lot like mediatemple, and the background looks like the stock wallpaper for windows XP

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    Laugh at the fact he wasted his money.

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    Originally posted by climax
    speaking of copyrights
    your logo looks a hell of a lot like mediatemple, and the background looks like the stock wallpaper for windows XP
    I don't see how this resembles MT logo at all besides maybe using parenthesis. They are different, end of story.

    As for the background image, sure it looks like the default one for Windows XP but, who is to say there aren't others out there that he used or even created/had created.

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