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    Wanting to Buy Advertisements

    I'm looking for advertisements on 2 different types of websites. I will only advertise on a PPC basis or on a monthly basis. Please do not contact me if you offer CPM pricing.

    The first type is gaming communities. I will consider gaming clan websites as well. Please PM me stats for your website (proof needed) and cost for advertising. I'm looking for either skyscraper banners or 468x60.

    The second type is news related websites. This can be any type of news and I'll look at sites individually. Again PM me stats for your website and cost for advertising. I'm looking for either skyscraper banners or 468x60.

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    This relates to you -

    Im currently selling 5 banner slots on

    The banner will appear on the top of all pages.

    High quality traffic, your getting a pretty decent deal considering I can only base the price on the current traffic, which is currently uhm.. well, rising fast... you will realize by the end of the month, odds are the 500 unique visitors a day you paid for is at 700 or more.

    Anyways, on with it.

    Rotation: 5 spots
    Visitors: 525 unique a day and going up fassst.
    Banner: 468x60.
    Location: - on TOP of all pages.
    Cost: 15 dollars per spot. Paypal - First come first serve..
    Tracking: Phpadsnew.

    Please post here, or PM, or e-mail ads (at) .
    David Sontag

  3. #3 - $10/mo text link - 50 000 unique visitors per month

    Additionally, a $15/mo spot is available at the bottom of the forums.

    PM for details.

  4. #4 - game, music, & movie reviews and discussion

    8000 uniques/mo
    200,000 page views
    800,000 hits

    $10/mo text link site-wide
    $15/mo 428x60 or skyscraper

    PM me if interested.

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    We are selling ads space on

    Price: $50/month
    Banner in rotation: 0
    Max Banners: 10
    Postion: top of every page
    Size: 468x60

    We moved to this new site on July 12, 2005
    Today is July 17, 2005 2:48 AM
    Our old site was which had a very high traffic everyday

    Please contact me at [email protected]

    PS: sorry, I can't post direct link due to the lack of posts. Please copy/paste the links to your browser

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