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    Question How to Uninstall GD Library?

    Dear All,

    I have just got a server, and I want my php script
    to function well so I need GD Library.

    It's strange that from the phpinfo, it says GD is not installed.
    But the script works fine.

    To make it smoother for the server, I install it again.
    But this time, the script fails in uploading pictures.

    So, I want to uninstall it and see if it's working well.

    Anybody could kindly help?

    Hand-by-hand may be needed. I am on

    Thank you in advance!
    I Love WHT

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    cd /usr/ports/graphics/gd
    make deinstall

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    Originally posted by kekays
    cd /usr/ports/graphics/gd
    make deinstall
    Thanks Kekays

    I thought it was uninstall....
    I Love WHT

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