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Thread: 1U opteron

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    1U opteron

    Has anyone built the tyan mobo Tyan s2850 in the supermicro case SC813MT-300 yet?. Will it nicely fit into the case or do I have to cut and drill and stuff like that?.

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    I never used that combonation before but looking at the 2 you shouldn't have to mod nothing.

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    On some of the Supermicro cases, the I/O panel on the back cannot be removed. In that situation, the ports on the back of the motherboard may not line up. Check with Supermicro first.

    I built an Opteron server last month using a Supermicro SC812i-420, and it required using a Dremel tool to modify the back of the case.
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    I've ask a supermicro dealer about this and he said that I can remove the I/O panel. So it will work. Thank you for your info.

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