Has anyone noticed of late that Crystaltech is bouncing email from Yahoo Groups?

Apparently this has been going for over a month. Crystaltech is claiming that they have stopped the block but I have been unable to get a response from their tech support as to why it apparently is still in effect as I am still unable to receive Yahoo Group emails to date.

Makes you wonder what else is being dropped?

This from their support,

1st response,
“We had to block connections from Yahoo groups due to excessive spamming about a month ago. This block has been since lifted as of the 15th of last month I believe. You may have to reactivate the account since there were too many bounce notifications.”

2nd response
“Currently I am unaware of any other blocks. We normally try to resolve the issue without this type of issue, however Yahoo Groups were spamming our servers with 100,00 + connections. CrystalTech does not have to disclose all blocks at the firewall level. This is private information and disclosing our firewall configurations is not the best of ideas for a company.”

Nick Hunyady
CrystalTech Web Hosting