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    Hardware Recommendations for Windows Media Server

    I'm looking for some recommendations for a Windows Media Server running Windows 2003 Standard.

    What is more important on a server that will be streaming Media 24/7?

    Should I opt for single or dual processors? More Ram? Will I/O be the limiting factor and should I therefore get SCSI drives instead of SATA?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    How much bandwidth / concurrent streams would you like to be able to serve?
    How much content will you have?

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    Let's say I want to serve 40 streams at 256kb - 512kb streams. What kind of server specs should I be looking for?

    However, my question is more about what aspect of a server is relatively more important?

    Should I get 4 GB of RAM with SATA drives?

    Or should I instead get SCSI drives and just 1 GB of RAM?

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    "40 streams at 256kb - 512kb streams"

    Anything will work for that now adays. Get a celery with 256mb of ram and a 40Gb HD.

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    It all depends on the number of users that will be connected to this system, as well as the resources the application will require.

    SATA will save you a bit of money, and most likely be fast enough for what you need.

    Feel free to PM me if you need help with a configuration. =]
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    Maybe I should ask another way.

    How many simultaneous streams can the following type of server specs support at 512kb average each stream using Windows Media server to serve multiple streaming rates?

    Xeon 3Ghz
    2 GB Ram
    SCSI drives

    Just a ballpark estimate would help. Are we talking 20? 100? Thanks in advance.

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    The bottleneck would end up being the bandwidth available, most likely.
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    Correct, you need to focus more on the uplink speed and bandwidth quality more than server specs. Simple math can determine how many users you can support assuming your port can push the full 10 or 100mbps uplink speed (which varies from provider to provider).

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