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    why should i work with a dedicated server?

    hi everyone,

    as you know most companies offer very good reseller plans nowadays.

    i would like to know the advantages of having a dedicated server, rather than selling from a reseller account.

    thanks a lot for you opinions
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    With a dedicated server you can configure things exactly how you want and also you will be able to host bigger and large sites. Of course you will also need to look after the server and make sure the security is ok which a host would normally do on a reseller account.

    Also with a dedicated you can also setup your own resellers

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    There are many great pros to having a dedicated server, but you must also be able to manage, secure, and update it effectively.

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    When your on a reseller it is extreamly limiting, once your on your own server you can use it for so much more, and its a great learning experience too

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    Yeah, a lot of experiences...

    The Good:
    More spaces, more money, more secure, more speed, more bandwidth, more control, etc...

    The Bad:
    You can be hacked, your server will go down, services not starting, missing files, accidentally deleted files, DDOS, Flood, Typhoon :-) , etc...

    Just be ready when you have a dedicated server.
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    Depending on your dedicated host, you may be able to get a lot more bang for your buck than you would buying from someone like site5. For instance, I pay $100/mo for my P4 server with a gig of RAM, 200GB HDD space and 2TB bw a month.

    Compare this to site5's largest reseller plan, which offers 30GB space and 250GB bw per month, for $10 less than what I pay.

    Granted, the learning curve is a bit steeper with a dedicated box, but it's entirely manageable.

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    I think the biggest advantage to a dedicated is the fact that no one else can bring disaster to you. YOU are in control, not a reseller, not the guy sharing the server with you, not the datacenter even in some cases. It's a nice feeling to be in total control.

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