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    Anyonw could give me ideas on

    Anyonw could give me ideas on

    I have signed into Gazzin just few days ago...
    All things started, but I am able to start my domains...
    and i have contacted their support and their operators....

    Really bad of experience ... with them... in truth...
    at least, for now i have been wating 2 days for they to solve my issue...
    and they told me it can be solved in 10 minutes and 1 hour...
    but i am still in the problem ...
    the problem has not been solved at all...

    all of ........
    they told me to be patient...
    and i tried to do that..

    But, they really mke me feeling bad...

    I signed to them, because i have heard good things from my friends, ....
    but now,... as my experience ...with them..

    i feel bad ... very bad!

    and i can even give my ticket to your guys...!!

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    the following is all information that i got from their support!!

    ad now, i think some of their worker also feel bad on me!

    because when i want to start a talk with them, in Live Support ... no one answer me with my ip...!

    i jsut want to laugh ....

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    this is the mail i have sent to their support!

    Would anyone to change my primary domain "" into "",
    "" is my domain, and "" is not my domain, i do not
    know why did the server change my domain "" into

    So, Now I wish to have "" as my primary domain....
    Please change it for me as soon as possible..
    I have been asking Eric and Daniel and ...
    they told me to ask Sale group...
    So i am here....

    Please help ...

    my email :[email protected]


    Invoice Number Created On Due Date Amount Total Due
    Batch Date AuthRet AuthCode AVS TransID
    - - - - -

    Date Description Invoice Due/Debit Paid/Credit Balance

    I just want to try your reseller plan 2,
    and i wish that i can set up it with my domain soon "",
    and please to tell me in details about how to setup my own nameserver,
    such as
    ... help .... and thanx

    Best Regards!

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    I understand your frustrations. It can be difficult to get things done when all they ask is wait. I have been with Gazzin, then I moved to another host. Lets just say, they dont have what I was looking for. If you have a certain level of expectation from your reseller provider, make out a list, make sure you try them out during your trial period, and cancel and go find another one if they dont fit in your list.


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    Gazzin Dot Com is pretty good.
    I used to be with them. Their service is not bad considering the cost.
    If you want perfect support, you will pay perfect cost
    I Love WHT

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    203 works really fine for me.

    i believe gazzin solved your issue. Good goin' gazzin.

  7. #7 linux server is good but i think there is a bug in their windows server
    please read:

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    I would reccoment gazzin Happy Costumer

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    finally, after 2 days...
    i got fixed from my issue!

    thanx god!

    Gazzin is a better choice ....

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    gazzin is worth the price thats is all the support ppl dont know what they are doing
    and they take a lot of time i had problems in the begeining but now since i have my account setup i havent had any downtime as such
    well but i am on the monthly billing so i can change anytime

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    been with gazzin for 1.5 months, very satisfied. they've had some issues in the past 2 weeks (ok ok, tahts a long time) with uptime. i'm hoping it'll improve-- the first full month of hosting was at 100% uptime, support responses within 30 mins etc.

    lets hope they go back to this previous standard rather than slip down further!

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    the linux server I'm on, monkey, has been having lots of downtime over the last couple of weeks.
    I'm thinking of moving on

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    I have too a serious problem with ftp in hippo and panda; if i no response for tomorrow, i go out.

    I monitoring my resellers with www uppanel com , try.... use 5 or 15 min to check the resellers... around 98% first two days.

    I stay with they six months around, but need changing... a reseller with a ftp problem is a dead reseller... i begin moving away tomorrow if no fix it.

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    maybe you can post your site for us to have a look at.

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    If you refeer to me, my problem is the FTP for upload... Is in spanish one of my own sites in this server, no customers.. for ethic i not put the customers site, but can pm if u want.

    www darakan com is a site hosted under hippo and my main problem... need upload some utilities in www an get a netout connection when try upload more.
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    First I would like to address about monkey. Basically there was an httpd.conf problem which caused httpd.conf to go down today. Our techs took care of it however in my opinion it was not as timely as we want it. We have already dealt with the two tech on shift regarding this issue.

    As for Licantropo what is your ticket number so I can get william to personally address your issue.
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    well, TTK-97841 but i think is Sean who is checking these. My problem are detailed in around Seven emails around this, and i have the problem in two servers, panda and hippo (two servers at the same time have the same problem is an alarm sign for me)

    I think your price and response is excellent and good, but with the last 2 days problems i think need stay alert; i promote myself in mouth to mouth and one customer less is a possible customers loss.

    Because i am fanatic of redundancy, I use your services, and in my work have three ADSL connections with different dns and operative systems.

    Now i am writing in my house, in other more ADSL (512), in a laptop in what i have my backups. When i try to update a 8192000 bytes file, a winme cab, i NO get a error. The thing is worrying me, is... in every hour i try upload info, have an error, but none in the other servers i have in other places.

    Before this good transfer, one hour ago i CANT Upload nothing, and this current sucess was in a different files of my other tests.

    Let me explain, the tests i run some hours ago say me all my other servers have no problem, with the same ADSL, ftp program and operative systems, and two days have problems. I understand, but if for tomorrow cant upload normally my files i have a serious problem.

    I am a loyal customer and in the past report to you when some ip was blacklisted, and i write here or when is necessary my apologies if all function tomorrow in my normal network and in my customer office in other city.

    Only is a little bell rings with the same problem in two servers, at the same time.

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    Originally posted by clanosiris
    First I would like to address about monkey. Basically there was an httpd.conf problem which caused httpd.conf to go down today. Our techs took care of it however in my opinion it was not as timely as we want it. We have already dealt with the two tech on shift regarding this issue.
    what about all the other days monkey has gone down?
    It's been going down an awful lot over the last couple of weeks

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    drift, i suggest you try, is free service for 5 sites. I monitor now my sites, and get some conclusions about my resellers and customers in the gazzin servers.

    maybe you can try it .

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    cool I'll try it out now. I've been pretty laid back about down time but I've got sites that have people on them constantly so I usually hear about it when they go down

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    I cant beleive it.

    Today two customers seek me because they have problems in his domains i migrate yesterday to

    I begin to make backups now of my customers sites in gazzin.

    And three friends, technical guys, cant ftp to my domains, in different cities, in both servers.

    Online in msn w8ing william of but very concerned.

    BTW, NOT FUNCTION ftp in normal hours with the same files, tryed with 7 adsl, 4 citys, 5 locations, 2 country, and nobody function.

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    Strange. William of Gazzin found a good workaround, but then i explain the problem.

    As you know, many servers not support passive mode. But William say is the standar and i need use Passive mode. I have now a strange, really strange behavior, because i upload a 27 mb without problems following his instructions, but then later have problem uploading two files with my normal gui FTP program, and no problem uploading one file at time.

    He suggest me use , i use a freeware old version of bluezone; but the passive mode explication not fit with the reason some times function in the same machine and ADSL and some no.

    I receive two some pleasent surprises in the last hour =)

    1) Gazzin give a good workaround ( incomprensible but function )
    2) Two of The customers i move to Gazzin Servers ask me for some features present in Direct Admin and Helm, and they go now to other server... then only have one customer in gazzin and that is a good tech and understand the passive ftp explication.

    Conclusion: Gazzin Have a solution.. some instantly, some in two days but are a good folks, and worth sign with them.

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