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    ArticleCity Content Crawling script


    ContentSpider began as a project for myself and my many websites. I wished to develop an easy way to obtain content for my websites. Thus, I started programming this script. It began as the webcrawler only, and grew into a complete ready-to-go website.

    I soon realized how helpful this script could be to webmasters and decided to go commercial with this product. I soon coded an admin backend and all the website files needed for an article website. I am constantly improving the script and am always looking for new things to add. If you would like to purchase this please visit the purchase page. If you would like to view my future plans for the product please visit this page.

    The crawler has access to all categories at ArticleCity. You can choose the amount of articles you wish to crawl. Aside from the crawler, this also includes an admin backend script which allows you to add/edit/delete articles. It also includes all frontend files and an easy to edit header and footer. Buy this package and you will have your website up in seconds. A copy of this is good for only 1 website. Please buy another copy if you wish to use it for more than one website. If you want a copy for multiple websites you can save money by purchasing the enterprize package.

    Here are some of the features:
    - User friendly interface
    - Access to all 19 categories at ArticleCity
    - Ability to choose amount of articles to crawl
    - Easy & Quick method to build a content database
    - Admin backend with abilities to edit/delete/add articles
    - Config file to allow easy modifications
    - Complete website script with header & footer files
    - Search enginge friendly links built with mod_rewrite
    - Free Updates

    Thanks to certain suggestions, updates are now free and will be available for download after your first purchase. To download upgrades you will need to sign up at the forums under the same email you purchased the script with.

    You can view the scripts you would be buying here:

    Thanks Feel free to ask questions. I know several people who are willing to vouche for the product.

    Price: $70 for the entire website script, $40 for the crawler only.

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    I believe that ArticleCity stopped publishing, there is nothing newer there than April 26th! Every day I've been there for weeks, there content is always the same. You may need another source for articles now?

    Looks like a nice start to your script, maybe more configurability is needed for your price. Like only search articles newer than a given date, last 5 articles, keyword search and checkboxes to add results, not just add by default.

    Looks good ..

    Good luck with the script..
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    Yes, we realized they stopped accepting articles, however we are already working on a crawler for

    So far our customers have been happy with the prices and the product. If you guys have any questions I'de be happy to answer.

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    Let me know when the crawler crawls another website that is updated daily.

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