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    Professional Trigun Fansite Template HTML and FULL FLASH alternatives

    I've put this template up before, but it didn't get enough interest. I have decided however to put it back up again, in the hope that someone will snap it up!

    It's a completly unique design created by me from scratch. AFAIK, there are no copyright issues with the images, as long as you do not claim them to be your own.

    The character is from a popular Anime series, Trigun. I am aware that Search engines are not ALWAYS hot on full flash sites, so I've decided to offer this template as a FULL Flash site, with a fully coded HTML alternative if you would like one.

    The link to the Flash version of the template is:

    I am very capable of making a "splash" page with navigation to both the Flash and HTML alternatives. Not very good with flash? Don't worry! All the text runs off external .txt files, so you don't have to go through all the Flash files to keep your site up to date!

    Want more pages? Sure I can help you set up some more pages if you want - but bear that in mind when offering your price for it.

    What do you get?

    > Full Professionally designed and layered *.PSD's
    > Full Professionally designed and coded *.FLA's
    > Full Professionally designed and coded *.HTML's
    > Full Re-Sale/Usage rights.
    > Help from me implementing and customising the design.

    All the HTML pages will be XHTML AND CSS Valid:




    PLEASE NOTE: The HTML page is unfinished. I am a very professional designer and the WHOLE HTML site will be validated with both XHTML and CSS before you send the money. It is unfinished because I was unsure if people would want it or not, would be a waste of time making it and people not using it! If you would like the HTML page as well, please state that in your bid. REST ASSURED, I will show you the FULL HTML site before you send a penny to me, and it will be XHTML and CSS valid.

    The photoshop layers look like this:

    This template has never been sold before, and never will be sold again by me. What you do with the site is up to you.

    Asking Price? I'm open to ALL reasonable offers. Starting bid is $100

    To contact me, add me on MSN/Email me/PM me/Post offers in this thread.

    MSN/Email: [email protected]

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    Nice work mate, best of luck with the sale

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