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    * claim to a reseller hosting provider

    For a strange reason my files were deleted from my account of an important hosting provider, the public_html and public_ftp were deleted without any reason or permission.
    I have write a support request and i don't have any answer.
    I can do a claim to that hosting provider?.



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    Well you might want to see if you can call them or mabye online support? Do you have a folder called www? that will allow your site to work as well. It is odd that it would be deleted? Try submitting a 2nd ticket and see if it gets through....good luck

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    A claim? As in getting your money back?
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  4. Yes, what do you mean by a claim?

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    If you would explain a little bit more then you might get some answers here.

    You might also want to read their terms of service and acceptable use policy to see if you violated any of their rules. If you broke any rules, it is unlikely that you will receive a refund (if you are referring to claim as refund )

    Hope that helps

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    Please give more info. Even though there isn't anything you can really do about it except contact support, hopefully they can help you.

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    Well pardon me for my poor level of english.
    Whats going on is this:
    I have a web site with a hosting provider that has an offer of 20gb/200gb of bandwith.The files that were at my web site were deleted without notification and without permission.
    public_html and public_ftp and other directorys from my personal directory were deleted.
    I have opened a few support tickets and the support service told me that someone has deleted the files and directorys.there's no backup.I know that someone has done the delete from the hosting provider.
    I lost all the data of the web site and all the files,without any reason someone has entered on my directory and started using rm...

    I wish to know if i can open somewhere a reclamation because i'm not agree with the service with the uptime and with the space available, the offer is 20gb of space and when i'm uploading files the server sometimes has not enough space...

    That's all...
    I hope this time you will get the idea.

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    20GB space is unrealistic for reseller hosting, anyhow.

    No, there isn't a place where you can get money back for a bad experience. How much are you paying for the current account?

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    The chances are this seller got many reseller customers by offering abnormal space which he underestimated the usage in which case is freeing up space by removing files from customers accounts.

    Rather than suspending your account, they may have removed the public_html folder so you cant store any more files (you can store them in a higher level folder though), in which case, they could shift the blame claiming you deleted the folder.
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    If you prepaid for your service in advance than you should ask for a refund on the remaining time after you cancel their service. Without knowing the hosting companies name there is no way to tell whether or not you will actually get your money back though.

    With the way it sounds, the Web Host probably needs all the money it can get. As you said above there were several times the drive was too full to even upload files. Their plan seems more than a little unrealistic (20GB/200GB). It seems like another classic case of a hosting provider drastically overselling.

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