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    VPS for shoutcast


    Im looking for a VPS that would be able to host at least 100 slots on 128 KB/s for shoutcast. I really dont need resources, all i need it alot of bandwidth. Any help would be nice.

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    That's quite a bit of bandwidth there. I don't think you'll find a VPS with that allocation. You're best bet would be a small dedicated server such as a Celeron or Low-end P4. I'm assuming that 100 slots @ 128kbits translates to a need for 10mbits. Therefore, you can check out:

    That's on premium SAVVIS bandwidth which should work well for shoutcast. Additionally, check their forums for some specials they may have on unmetered boxes.

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    if thats the case, i would probibly just run on 64 kb/s, u think 100 GB a month would be enough?

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    For 64kbits you would need approx 1800GB transfer / mo if they are all maxed out. 1 64kbit stream constant is about 19Gb/mo so 100Gb would be enough for 5 64kbit streams running at once

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    Yeah but I think what he is looking for is a max of 100 users, meaning there are usually less than 100 users online.

    Your actual bandwidth usage is really going to depend on how active your users are. You should mainly look at averages.

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