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  1. #1 - good service and price, great support.

    I chose Host Color for my site since I did not need a huge amount of space for a personal project. I decided that a budget company would be OK for now. I found Host Color's Mini package in a hosting directory at $25/year. This was OK to launch my project. Later I found out I can upgrade (and I did ) paying only the difference to the higher price.

    Still I needed to be sure they have all that I need. Often the companies' websites describe the features they offer in quite a lot of detail, still there are always details in the setup that cannot be listed.

    I dropped them an email and was amazed; although their smallest package is about 2 bucks a month they replied within 15 mins. The reply was polite and informative, I wanted to know more details on the php.ini config, they gave me all the details and even offered to check whether my software is supported by their MySQL/PHP versions.

    The signup process was simple. Also the instructions I got for the hosting were detailed enough. I worked on sites hosted on an Ensim server before and I quickly found my way through their control panel.

    On the whole I must say their service has been very good. I have not detected any downtimes. The prices are very reasonable. The quality is also good. And also there is 24/7 support that is willing to work with you.

    As a webmaster the thing that really puts me off in a webhost is if you are told off or have to wait days to get the simplest issue resolved. This has not happened with Host Color so far and I hope it wont.

    I would recommend hostcolor to anyone, they offer the standard Unix host service + some add-ons (I have a pre-set blog and forum in the control panel) at a very reasonable price. In my experience they are reliable and friendly .
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    Glad to hear you had a positive experience with them, give us an update in a few months

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    dreamdesigners, you should write ads for them .... oh wait....

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    So nice review.... hope you live happily ever after.
    Thru my own research, I have seen that HostColor does have a fairly good customer reputation.
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    Its nice to see good reviews about good companies these days, may i ask what domain you host with them?

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    it a truly a review. not just ads.
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    good to know ill keep them in mind if i ever need to change my host.

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