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    Adding nameservers through godaddy ev1servers etc

    Hi , i have a technical question as i am wondering how dns works.

    When you add your own nameservers under the registrars control panel what is acutally happening?

    For instance, most have an option to create nameservers based on this domain, so i would enter


    for example. i would then run dns software at thses addresses, and point any domains i want to host to use and as their nameservers.

    am i correct in thinking that during the name resolution process somebody would type, a name request would go out to see who is authorative for next would come back a query would then be sent to my name servers to resolve www.

    my question is who is handleing (as in is it the registrars servers, or root servers, or both) the resolution requests for the intial stages where you want to know who is authorative for that domain? what server is returing

    when you add nameservers based on your domain is are root servers being changed? if this is the case i take it registrars must have an interface to change the root servers records?

    sorry if this is a bit confusing, im not 100% on how it all works so have trouble describing it.



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    No..actually...If somebody types and it hasn't fully propagated will come back with nothing at all. Page not found.

    Root servers are maintained by whoever maintains the domain suffix. For example..awhile got really happy with the *.info domains. I got a ton of them. UltraDNS maintains the root servers...soo...these domains resolve very quickly...much faster than "normal" domains.

    There are ways to test make sure everything is setup properly. First..the mopther of all dns tools...

    There are many other tools...some actually ship with Bind. These are Unix the most you need a gateway.

    Two of the most used tools are dig and nslookup.

    There are many gateways for these...just do a google search.

    Dig returns authorative and non-authorative answers the nameservers give.

    There are many other tools...some use zone transfers..which are not allowed on some servers.

    The root servers return ns1 and ns2 nameservers. Just go to and do a dns timing query.

    Not only the root servers are being changed..but routers must learn advertised routes..and know to go where for what.

    It's a lot more complex than that...but that gives you a basic idea of how this works. There is a wonderful DNS primer here:

    No..I don't work for ultradns..I am a customer, though.

    I don't think you even begin to appreciate how complex this is until you manually set up DNS on a server without a control panel.
    I ain't pretty.

    Anyways...another related thing right now that is happening now is called DNS cache poisoning. I'm not sure of the internals...but may learn shortly.


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