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    PR 5 Text Links FS | As low as 5.00 per month!

    A little about my site first:

    Unique Visitors:
    March: 44,275
    April: 45,756
    May: 44,348
    June: 32,631

    Google Information:
    PR 5
    1,030+ backlinks
    5,940+ indexed pages

    MSN Information:
    3,931 backlinks
    815 indexed pages


    Deal #1: Archive Link, located at the very bottom of every page of our enhanced HTML archive under sponsors:
    This is very good for boosting yoru PR and getting extra backlinks as well! Asking price is 5.00 per month or 45.00 per year (3 months free!)

    Deal #2. Site Wide link on every page of our site that you see the "Featured Links" Box. We have 5 of those links that expire and will not be renewed by their owners in 1 week. So we have about 4-5 openings their as well Asking price will be 15.00 per month or 140.00 per year! We can also BOLD your listing for an aditional 2.00 per month!

    All payments via paypal. We would prefer paypal subscription payments to make keeping track of our sponsors easier. If you wish not to do a subscribtion, no problem their, we could work that out as well Please PM me with all of your questions or if you would like to purchase! I'll check in about every half an hour today!

    Have a great Holiday weekend everyone

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    1 archive link sold

    Archive Links: 3
    Site-Wides: 4

    Also, if anyone doesn't want a full year or anything, but you would still like a discount for purchasing multiple months, feel free to make an offer and I'll see what I can do Just send me the amount of months you would like and the price your willing to pay

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    1 more archive link sold

    Archive Links: 2
    Site-Wides: 4

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    Anyone else? I would like to get all of these sold ASAP....Send me your offers and I'll more than likely accept as long as their resonable

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    1 more archive link sold

    Archive Links: 1
    Site-Wides: 4

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