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    VPS on US West Coast, US East Coast, Europe and Asia

    Hi there,

    Can someone recommend the most cost effective VPS providers in:

    * US West Coast (?)
    * US East Coast ( in NJ?)
    * anywhere in Europe ( in UK?)
    * anywhere in Asia (?)


    * A price around $10-$15USD/m (a bit more for non-US?)
    * Lowest RAM allocation possible.
    * Lowest disk allocation possible.
    * Good network, average bandwidth allowance.
    * Xen preferrable (CentOS 4 or FreeBSD)



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    New York, NY
    PowerVPS is on the East Coast of US. They are also very well respected for that matter.

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    Originally posted by elix
    PowerVPS is on the East Coast of US. They are also very well respected for that matter.

    But not at $10-15/month.
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    What about

    In Atlanta, but... seems to be what I'm looking for in terms of price/features.

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    And maybe on the west coast?

    (They don't seem to get any mention on this board... hmmm.)

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    Hi Patrick,

    One of our servers is in the same data center (Dedicated Now) as's NJ servers. In the past we had some connection trouble, but the network has been very stable for quite some time now.

    We also just got a VPS from a couple weeks ago to do some testing. We haven't used it much yet, but Russ has been very responsive to our requests.

    PS: Nice to see you on WHT!

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    small budjet

  8. Just when I thought $30/mth is budget VPS.....................
    WHT never fails to push the limit.
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