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    Question RIPE IP request?

    I have a very important question for me. I have one dedicated in some company. To server are given one ip address, but I need second for another domain. I write to support of my datacenter and they told me that my request couldn't be allowed, because my request isn't goot justified to RIPE. Where can I read about getting IP from RIPE? What are terms of RIPE's IPs?

    Thanks a lot for help.


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    You dont need another IP address just to add another domain
    Valid uses of IP addresses are
    - server
    - ssl certificate
    etc - i.e. things that wont actually work without an ip address

    RIPE unlike ARIN take the allocation of IPs very seriously - if you do actually need it, then your host should be able to get it for you - if you require several, then you'll need to compete the forms, pay any fees due and get your own block

    Best is to discuss this with your host
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    You can't get an IP directly from RIPE, RIPE are the organisation that allocate IP's to the european side of the world.

    You really can't justify an extra IP because you need it for another domain, it's perfectly possible to host thousands of domains on one IP address.

    They will only give you an IP for things such as routers, servers, nameservers, and SSL certificates.


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    Thanks gays, now I know what I need to additional IP and what terms have RIPE.


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    Assuming he means guys*
    Can't we all just get along

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    Yes, sorry for that...
    My english is very poor and I made mistake... Sorry, vary sorry...

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    Originally posted by Sigmaservers
    Assuming he means guys*
    And there was I hoping you were about to come out of the closet.

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    Originally posted by xeryph
    Yes, sorry for that...
    My english is very poor and I made mistake... Sorry, vary sorry...
    ... and assuming you mean very*

    I think your english is good... but this opinion comes from someone whose primary language is not english...

    Anyway, it's great you got your answer.

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    Yes, I mean very

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