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    Partner for a DC - Denver

    Uhh.. what the hell, I'll try this again..

    I want to open a very cheap DC at 910 15th Street in Denver, regardless of finding a partner or not I will do it.. this building is a Telco Hotel carrying a lot of providers AT&T, Qwest, MCI, Level 3, Wiltel, ICG etc.

    Where I am at: Stalled on a sub-lease agreement which will eventually be finalized.

    The Plan or Problems in order of priority
    1. Sub-Lease
    2. Connectivity (getting wiring to the room depending on the provider can be difficult, I can tell you though that Level 3 is no problem the rest don't know)
    3. Sales
    4. Cooling
    5. Power
    6. Space

    The approximate space to be used is 162 square feet, the estimated servers the room can hold is between 500-1000. The cooling needed for the room is between 1 and 10 tons (at estimated full capacity).

    Let me say before there's a 1,000 this-that and other things in this thread.. that I've already been through most of the can't be done or your numbers are wrong posts.. read my post history before you try and shoot me down..

    So what I need from a partner is what my weakness's our.. (a partner can be virtual and not required in my same area as long as he can cover these)
    1. Sales/Marketing
    2. Web Site Development
    3. Customer Service
    4. Money (though not necessarily)

    As far as bandwidth goes I've been quoted about $50 a mbit from Wiltel at a 10 mbit commit But I got a rather I should say awesome quote (for this area) from level 3 reseller of $32 a mpbs with a 3 month ramp.. this would be a Fiber GigE connection (there is no local loop charge)

    Month 1 - 15Mbps $480
    Month 2 - 30Mbps $960
    Month 3 - 60Mbps $1920
    Month 4-15 - 100Mbps $3200

    However that's way too much monthly cost for me to cover.. but if some one where skilled at sales or had the ability to take on this bandwidth this could be do able..

    The current plan or my plan is to go with a cheap provider be it wiltel or cogent is available (but there are costs like local loop and it's about the damn same price as wiltel) and eventually BGP in Level 3 when I can afford it.. of course a partner might change that..

    I'm looking for as usual serious people only, after all I'm very serious.. I've been in the business for 5 years and while I'm not making a real profit, I'm not losing money either just learning my way through.. This project above alone has been in the planning stage for 1+ years now.. it will takes as long as it takes but I will do it if the domino's fall into place and I'm sure they will...

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    A quickie update, it looks like I might be able to get space on the 6th or 7th floor the space is supposed to be equivelent to the space already provisioned.. the bonus is that it has a window for venting out air and is maybe a little cleaner..

    As for connectivity it might be easier as well as the closet of the room has the conduits for what must be most of the building up and down..

    Here's a picture of DG&E Building I took today, while having a look at the potentional rooms..
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