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    Can I use a dual PII to learn how to set up a webserver?

    I have 2 parts to this question.

    1. I am a newbie to this webthing. I have a dual p2, only 333 mhz with 512 mb of ram. I have a 30 gb 10K rmp SCSI harddrive I want to use it to practice learning about webhosting using Linux software. Volume will not be an issue because I will be the only person using it, or me and one other person, if the app requires 2, but i would like to learn how to install as many features as possible including:

    web e-mail hosting and setup
    website hosting
    webcam hosting
    internet phone
    internet radio
    streaming video

    OK, OK, you can stop laughing now...obviously from my list, i am a newbie, but a newbie who likes to think big. If the p2 will not do all of these will a p3? or a dual p3? money obviously is an issue for me.

    2. I live in China now and as a foreigner (non-Chinese) am not sure that i would be able to get the appropriate kind of kind to be a permanent presence on the web. Is there any way that I can be a temporary presence? i hope this question makes sense. Or can I subscribe to a webservice in the U.S. and let my little biddy computer act as a mirror?


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    My suggestion would be install linux (any flavor) on your server with apache, proftp, sendmail and mysql and work on getting those running.

    I also highly suggest learning without a control panel you will really appreciate putting in the extra effort of learning how things work without having to rely on a control panel to do all the work for you. I suggest becoming a member at they are a very helpful bunch and there is a ton of stuff already documented for you, also be sure and check out the WHT technical and Security forums.

    Learn your way inside any out on how services run, securing a server and everyday admin work that needs to be done and the setting up of the other things you mentioned will all run into place as they all mostly rely on your primary server services to run.

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    Tom, meanwhile I am not sure about video streaming, but I have a few Dual PII running small sites without any problem SCSI HDD will help a lot.

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    I honestly think that starting on really old hardware is something that should be required for every webhost; it very nearly forces you to learn about, and become proficient at, performance optimization and resource tweaking. Too many people just seem to go straight for a dual 3GHz box with 4GB of RAM and a RAID-5 array with CPanel, without having the foggiest notion of how to actually make efficient use of all that hardware... - offering amazingly competent email, dns, and web hosting since 2002... because someone has to!
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