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    Question Most effiient web server for static pages


    What is the most efficient web server to provide only static conent but be able to work under heavy load?

    My customer is running live transmissions from sports events every week. There are just simple text files being send to the browser where they are parsed and displayed by the software running on client side.

    I made another compilation of apache, designed for this purpose - it has disabled most of modules which aren't needed to serve static content - and it's running on different IP than the main apache.

    But I'm still not happy with efficiency. Can you tell me about good and reliable web server which can handle this job better? By better I mean that it needs to be more efficient when working under heavy load. Currently the server needs to serve 200 pageviews per second. Is there any software that can do it better than apache? Maybe any cache to put between server and a client which is more efficient?


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    I hear thttpd is great for this kinda thing.

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    I've used thttpd in the past in conjunction with Apache itself. thttpd ran the static pages and was blazing fast.

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    I've ran thttpd myself too. It is definately extremely quick for static pages.

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    Use thtpd,
    he's the best.

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    I compiled and tested thttpd this morning (GMT+2). It really rox. After some tests I've decided to make him live today.

    Now it's handling ~200 pages per second and does it much better than apache used to do. Server load is ~1.1 (on Dual Xeon HT) and the server is running really smooth.


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