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    Hi, I'm part of a non-profit organization and I'm currently out trying to look for sponsorship. My organization is leaning toward education relations.

    I was wondering if you guys have any tips on how to approach a major company in sucessfully convincing them that we could help each other.

    and also if u guys have any tips on what are "must haves" to include in a sponsorship request letter.

    Any tips are useful!, thanks for the help.

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    basically you want to provide them a sales pitch. You will want to inform them what you are wanting, what you are wanting it for, and how it will benefit them.

    must have's:
    Project Description & Scope
    Companies involvment with the project

    - James

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    should I looking for local chains or major 501(3) for more sucess?

    I'm trying to setup a presentation with charts and information like you said... hmm

    thanks for the information

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    In the non profit fundraising world, "sponsorship" is best tied to a particular event or project... so I'd try to identify something concrete along those lines instead of simply asking a business for a general sponsorship of your organization.

    Also, many major corporations have affilated foundations which routinely support nonprofit efforts through grants. Again, your grant request would have to be for a particular project, and exact requirements of how the request must be made (and, often, when) would be available from the foundation. A search engine query for some general terms describing what your organization does, the name of your city or state, and words like "foundation support" would probably give you the names of some local foundations that are active in your area of work. Contact them (many have information available on the web) for specifics on their funding programs.

    Grantwriting is a very specialized area of nonprofit marketing, and generally you'll have a lot of competition for funds. There are plenty of books available on the topic, plenty of information on the web, and plenty of experienced freelancers who could do it for you if you have that kind of thing in your budget.
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    Thanks for the constructive response,

    I'm currently on the process on researching those books like you have suggested and reading various websites.

    Our non profit organization is actually hosting two major assemblies as an encouragement for students academic studies.

    I really would like to touch into the field of corporate grants because I know thats where a good amount of funding will be if provided. But I've been doubtful on whether a corporate company from i.e. Ohio, would sponsor a school related non-profit organization in California. I will definetly still give a try.

    Thanks for your reply, very useful.


    Edited: I know having a website for our organization will help more or less, but I'm just wondering if it will have an effective affect on companies. I'm thinking it would show that we are serious about our organization. Just not sure if it is worth putting time into that sector.
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    Is this for Renaissance, skyxliner?

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    Make sure to tell them "who" will see their advertisements during the project
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    have you filed for a 501c tax exemption to certify you as a offical organization? If you haven't, I would highly recommend this.
    Kerry Jones

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    well it hard to get sponsership untill they have some profit from it, for eg:

    why do people sponser for .

    1. Opensource

    2. very popular and most people visit the site, a sponser has an profit of visitors from it.

    you have to show such evidences, his spendings are worth.

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