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    Unable to proceed on - Cerberus GUI installation


    I had just install the cerberus GUI :

    Cerberus Helpdesk Installer

    Checking PHP Version... 4.3.11 (ok)
    Checking System Information... Linux
    Checking PHP Server API... cgi
    Checking Path to 'php.ini'... /usr/lib

    Checking safe_mode... Off
    Checking short_tags... On
    Checking file_uploads...On
    Checking upload_tmp_dir...not set! (set in php.ini if attachments don't work)
    Checking upload_max_filesize...Max. upload/attachment size: 2M (increase in php.ini)
    Checking post_max_size...Max. e-mail (w/ attachments) size: 55M (increase in php.ini)

    Checking for MySQL... Version 4.0.24
    Checking Database Setup...
    Host: localhost
    Name: myvdhco_cerberus
    Checking Database Connection... yes

    Checking for PSpell (spellchecker)... found! and PHP Version OK!

    Checking if FILESYSTEM_PATH (/home/myvdhco/public_html/cerberus-gui/) exists... yes
    Checking FILESYSTEM_PATH trailing slash... yes
    Checking for Cerberus GUI Files in FILESYSTEM_PATH (/home/myvdhco/public_html/cerberus-gui/)... yes

    Checking if 'logo.gif' is writeable... yes
    Checking if 'templates_c' directory is writeable... yes
    Checking if 'tempdir' is writeable... yes

    No fatal errors detected. Proceed with configuration by deleting the 'install' directory and running upgrade.php

    When I click on the upgrade.php to proceed on, the following error occurs :

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in /home/myvdhco/public_html/cerberus-gui/includes/cerberus-api/config_vals.php on line 30

    Anyway I can retify this error? Thanks in advance.

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    You might be better off posting this in the Cerberus forums, as you'll probably get a quicker response

    You might want to try one of the CVS builds from and see if that fixes the problem. You might also want to check that you aren't using the PHP5 version of the cerberus gui, and that you are using the PHP4 version.

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    Hmm it could be a wrong PHP version that I had downloaded, let me reupload the version for PHP4.

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