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    [PHP] Custom Uploader Script Needed

    Hello, we are looking for a quote from someone that can make us an uploader system for hosting files/images.

    We need the following features:

    - User registration

    - Log out/log in page

    - User Control Panel - can modify info (Such as Email)

    - User file manager - can delete his own files/option to upload.

    - Ability to allow only specified file extentions to be uploaded.

    - Admin CP - view list of users - can delete from there, abuse reports with thumbnails - they won't just delete the single images - they'll delete the entire account, view/manage user accounts (delete), Set universal bandwidth/space cap, change admin password, specs - amount of users, files, and space usage.

    - Password retrieval

    - Confirmation emails (Email change, registration confirmation)

    - A bandwidth cap for individual files/accounts (per hour, per day) - ability to auto delete account if it goes over per day, in admin panel, or to replace it with text/stretchable image saying "Bandwidth exceeded." After this bandwidth limit has been reached, no files from that user account may be accessed until account is unsuspended.

    - IP logging/banning with accounts.

    - Ability to adjust bandwidth/filesize caps

    - Monitor all accounts via admin CP, see each accounts bandwidth limits, currently used space, space remaining, and the ability to view all files of an user.

    - Auto deletion of accounts after x time period of inactivity (not visiting site/files not being accessed) - The time period can be set in the admin panel.

    - Display URL of image (with/without BB tags) after upload.

    - Stats panel that shows the current amount of registered users, amount of uploaded file, total space being used, and total bandwidth used.

    - Ability to ban users from registration based on their email address or IP address, yet they must still be able to view images/files.

    - Ability to view and modify user passwords in admin.

    - Ban domains for email accounts (i.e.

    - Abuse report - User reports an offensive image url, it submits a thumbnail for the admin to review in the admin panel, ability to do 100, 250, or 500 per page, can delete, ignore, or mass delete/mass ignore - mass delete/ignore either by per page, or total.
    Thank you,
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    || Dennis Liang,
    || ServaxNet LLC

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    I just wanted to let you know that I will contact you shortly, as I'm interested in this project.

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    Hello Mr. Dennis,

    I contact you by e-mail and I will be waiting news from you.

    Lukas D. Kersting

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    I'm interested in taking on this project. I've sent you a PM.

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    Dear Dennis,

    I'm very interested in this Project.
    I'll contact you by e-mail.


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