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    Question Is this a good deal?

    Celeron 1.7Ghz
    512Mb Ram
    80Gb HDD
    5 IP's
    1200GB Transfer
    Free Fantastico
    Free RVSkins


    - Free 24x7 monitoring of your server for failed services
    - Free 10Gb offsite FTP backup space
    - Free Fantastico if you order C-Panel

    Hosted at Fortress ITX in NJ. Test IP
    I was looking at for their real cheap one, except they charge an extra $40/mo fro cPanel, and I think WHM access is a need for me right now since it makes handling nameservers and DNS records SO much easier then trying to learn to set them up myself. Along with the fact they also only offered 200 GB of bandwidth for their Starter plan. Does anyone think there is a better deal then this with an actual GOOD host, not a crappy one? Thanks all for the help!


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    That's an excellent deal, the fortressitx dc is rock solid and really fast.

    cPanel usually costs $20-30, meaning the server costs roughly $60 which is a good deal considering you're at the FortressITX dc.

    Only downside to this deal might be the weak cpu and lack of memory, usually 1 gig is a lot better. But still is a great deal.

    Where'd you get this deal?

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    Right now I have their VPS 40/mo with WHM and it isnt bad. But the CPU usage on the server seems to much for it to handle, and I figure my own unshared even a crap celeron would be alot better. They said on the account I am on now, is had a Dual Opteron 242 with 4 GB of RAM, with currently about 20 other customers on it. So I suppose those other 20 customers are using the CPU usage I would need to host what I am doing stablely (if thats a word)

    I emailed them asking if they think this dedi would be able to handle my needs and I am waiting a reply.


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