Our Network:
We have over 7 years network experience, and managed this network for over 3.
Full redundant connectivity running on Cisco Core gigabit routing & switching equipment.
We utilize "True BGP4" best path routing to make sure our clients data gets to where it
needs to be as fast as possibe.

Network tests can be done on the website: http://www.cologuys.com/network/tests.php

Dedicated Specials:
Dell P4 2.8Ghz 800mhz FSB 512 DDR 80Gig SATA 7200rpm | 1000GB or 1Mbit - $115/mo - Free Setup
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Dell Dual Xeon 3Ghz 2Meg Cache, 800mhz FSB 1Gig Dual Channel DDR Dual-80Gig SATA 7200rpm
These servers ARE 64-Bit enabled, and best run with a 64bit OS.

1000GB or 1Mbit - $275/month - $100 Setup E-Mail, PM, IM, or Call to signup.
1000GB or 1Mbit - $300/month - Free Setup E-Mail, PM, IM, or Call to signup.

Hard Drive Special:
Upgrade a SATA 80Gig to 160Gig for $10/mo. Use coupon: DLLHLDY160UPG
Add a 2nd SATA 160Gig an order and get Free raid! (Just mention it in the order comments.)

Operating System
Default OS: FreeBSD 5.3
Availabe: Fedora Core 3 or Core 4, CentOS, Windows 2003, and you can always ask about others.

Direct Admin Control Panel: $15/month
Windows 2003 WEB: $15/month
Windows 2003 Standard: $25/month

Windows 2003 WEB x64: $20/month
Windows 2003 Standard x64: $30/month

Extended Height 45U: 1Mbit - $500/mo - Free Setup
Extended Height 45U: 5Mbit - $650/mo - Free Setup
Extended Height 45U: 10Mbit - $800/mo - Free Setup
Extended Height 45U: 100Mbit - $2500/mo - Free Setup

FREE Reboots!
Remote Hands: $25/Half Hour
KVM/IP Access: $10/hour or $25/month for up to 10hours/month
Additional Power: $7.50/amp

We are located in Downtown Dallas, in the Infomart.
We offer 24/7 toll-free Phone support.

AIM: ColoGuys