Good Evening,

I am interested in any writing opportunity available. I have written for many local newspapers, HostingTech, and hold a position as a writer at I am looking to accept side jobs. One of my greatest talents is a writer is my ability to research: hand me any task, whether I know anything about the subject material or not -- and I will create a first-class piece to your specifications. URLs to some of my articles on HostingTech are below. Please be aware that many of these require a paid subscription to view, as they are "Premium Articles."


I am currently working towards a degree in Journalism. My normal rate is from $0.03 USD per word to $0.05 USD per word depending on subject matter. Pricing is negotiable. I am also talented in creating press releases. Please contact me at any of the below contact options and I will give you a quote. Thank You. Have a good 4th of July.