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    can someone tell me more about yahoo domains?

    I'm considering registering with Yahoo domains. Do I own the domain or does yahoo? What is your experience with them? thanks.

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    Welcome to the forums sidepack!

    You own the domain and Yahoo is the registrar. We use Godaddy and Directi ourselves.

    My only experience with them was a customer was moving his domain over to us. It took about a day to propagate and I was used to the faster propagation from GoDaddy, NetSol, and DirectI.

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    more on yahoo..

    I was thinking about registering with them and then moving it to registerfly where I have the others. Any suggestions on a good registrar for bulk domains 50+?

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    Why would you ever use them?

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    I have my site hosted with yahoo. I initially registered the domain with them but transferred domain reg to registerfly and still keep yahoo as host.

    I'd recommend keeping domain registration seperate from the hosting.

    I've had problems with yahoo and their support is usually not good, hence moving the registration away from them. However, I do like their hosting, maybe because I've been with them since I started my site and am reluctant to move. I find their hosting reliable so far.

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