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    Looking for a designer or coder to help around my site for a couple hundred dollars

    Things are looking up for my company. Our design is up and kicking, and man is it awesome looking.

    I'll be frank with you, I'm not stupid. I can work my around Photoshop, I know HTML, PHP...but I'm lazy. And I get frustrated really easy.

    I'm looking for a designer, a coder, whatever you will, to help me do a few things around my site. A few things on my agenda are:

    *Work my promotion into my homepage so that when visitors come to my site the can see the promotion and find out more about it.

    *Get some basic things working, my "whois" script.

    *Hopefully, if you can manage, integrate my design into my eSupport and WHMAutoPilot scripts.

    Actually, thats about it. It should be no more than a couple hours of work, but I'll need to some previous work or at least know your doing. I'd like to get it started ASAP, so message me on here or PREFERABLY AIM (hVadamf) and we can discuss what you can or cant do, and for how much.

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    I can do prety much of everything. Though I don't get the idea of promotion thing, please explain it to me...

    about autopilot and whois script, I can integrate those and make them work...

    I'm a designer, and programmer, I do original designs and templates...

    some good websites that I dd:

    I can work on all your issues, but that's not a 1hour job as you said, i'll need about 2 days. tell me how much you can afford and I'll tell you whether I can work for that amout or not.

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