I am selling a list of 3 char .net's

One of which is 4aq.net <-- unregged (as of right now)

These domains sell on this forum up to the 25$ mark each. I have complied these myself.

I am looking for 5 bucks per each person i send this list to.

These are HOT. Like VERY hot.

PM me for my paypal info and I will send you a list of 45 names that just dropped.

I will only send this list to 6 people. If you are one of the lucky ones you can clean up and make you money back easy.

PM for my payment address and for the list. Thanks!

I will edit the list accordingly and add more as my machine gathers them. I have a complete setup working to find these as they take time...so, I will guarantee you will have the opportunity to reg at least 5 of these...if not..you will get you money back.

PM for anything you need!